Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Call of Duty - Black Ops 2


In twelth place

How hard can it be to advertise an installment in a video game franchise with latent demand?  The folks over at Treyarch are leaving nothing to chance with their grandstanding "World Reveal"

Of course, with all the hype, Treyarch want to capitalise on word of mouth - but the prominence of the connect options may be going a bit overboard 

This isn't the only one you see though, there are connect buttons positioned by the 'Watch Now' option, an annoying floating connect bar taking up the side of the screen, and on clicking through to watch the video the connect bar is actually obscuring the video as default... but wait, there's another.  That's five attempts to get us to share to watch a video - which is the same prominence as 'Call of Duty' on the site and more mentioned than 'Black Ops'

Now, I'm tempted to not share due to being bugged so much to do so...

But I thought I'd discuss the embed code. It is the horrible iframe code which doesn't work often and on many sites. I also don't like leaving links to other videos showing once the video has ended.  Following end of video links without the full youtube interface you very quickly descend into the wrong side of Youtube.

Before you know it you've gone from watching something you're interested in to watching weird videos about milk and redbull, that somehow have 3 million + views.

Now if anyone can explain how this video gained prominence, and why linking it from A Huge Centipede Fighting A Snake would make it so succesful - they'd be a rich man and their clients would be happy.  They could also explain to Treyarch why they don't want to be associated with some of youtube - and give Google some advice on sorting their algorithms out! 

Don't expect anything good - you have been warned.

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