Thursday, 3 May 2012

Gorgeous Louise Mensch hits back at negative SMM

StumbleUpon Louise Mensch has an intelligent way of dealing with negative social media marketing.

The absolutely stunning British politician and author Louise Mensch nee Bagshawe has faced some criticism lately.  Basically, she was proffesional and so refused to put her name to a ridiculous comment that Rupert Murdoch is unfit to lead an international organisation.

Rupert Murdoch runs an international organisation, very succesfully, and there has been no evidence of wrongdoing at the top level.  Still, I'm not saying I like the guy or I'm a fan, just that it's reasonable for a proffesional to insist comments are sourced in fact - especially on a select commitee report.

Louise is a big user of twitter, and with her enemies going for the throat in some quite disgusting ways - Louise has taken a novel approach to highlighting the problem and defeating the bullying.

Louise has favourited her bullies and turned around the negative social media marketing to her advantage.

Now whilst the comments are offensive and childish, a lot of comments seem to be related to Louises body.  I'm not sufe if it is absoloutely demeaning to objectify a politician in such a way, or a compliment.  Personally, I think Louise is a brilliant politician, her chick-lit novels are not something I'd read.  She seems intelligent and friendly, and I believe she's incredibly sexy.  That doesn't detract from her qualities, and I don't believe it is offensive.

So congratulations Louise on an excellent smm strategy, and keeping professional at all times.

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